• Environment protection is a matter of concern to us at every level.
  • It is inconceivable that new installations would come on streams today that have not been equipped with suitable environmental protection technology.We therefore take care to determine every possible deleterious feature and analyze prior to the commissioning stage, which will involve the selection, acquisition or even invention of appropriate equipment where ever needed.  
  • Our Recycling Operations consist of proper Storage, Battery crushing, Separation, Smelting and Refining Process.
  • Our Efforts increased as detection and protection techniques became more accurate and sophisticated.
  • It is oblivious, however that it is neither possible to eliminate completely all the adverse aspects that are linked to industrial activity nor advisable to lay the standards that cannot be met by present day technology.
  • We believe that close cooperation between the authorities and scientific institutions will bring about genuinely efficient solutions that are technically feasible and economically sound. 
  • A feature of environmental protection that often over looked is recycling the waste, which we are very much aware of and take care of he same. 

The technology is well developed to suit customer’s requirements, in environmentally correct manner, of course competitive and complementary.

Enviromental Policy

"Navarees Consultants" recognizes and accept its obligations to the environment, to preserve and improve the resources through environmentally correct manner, with best available technology...Compliance & Improvement :

  • We will design and supply plant equipments to meet the relevant environmental laws and regulations. 
  • Design and develop resources with all new technology in environmental correct manner
  • Maintain the environmental impact through actively promoting recycling and cost effective use of natural resources.

Closed Cycle of Lead Acid - Batteries :

  • Spent batteries are by its own nature are environmental hazardous material because they contain Lead Metal, Lead Oxides , Lead Sulphates, Sulphuric acid and Thermoplastics materials.
  • The good thing about spent batteries is that their components are subject to be recycled. However the processing of spent batteries must be made in professional manner following very sophisticated equipments and procedures for control of pollution to eliminate the possibility that such a process become environmental threat.