When it comes to Lead Acid Battery Industry, “Navarees Consultants” have all the expertise and experience. Their +40 practical experiences will help to reach optimum production and Quality standards required in Lead Acid Battery Technology. They can act as a Consultants or Service Advisor for the Lead Acid Battery Industry for Project management, Implementation, Production, Optimization and Maintenance.

Their vast experience in all Types of Batteries – Vented/Flooded, Sealed, VRLA, AGM, Gel Cell or AGM/Gel, whether In Plants, Man Management and Practical approach to any challenges makes them ideal Advisor to any kind of Lead Projects.

Due to day today involvement in all fields of Battery Industry and association with major Battery manufacturers in India, Bangladesh, Africa, and Gulf countries, Navarees Consultants have considerable knowledge of requirements of the Battery industry. Their Expert Battery Consultant is well aware of the key role of quality of Pure Lead, Lead Alloys, Acid, Separators etc in the manufacture of Cost Effective Quality Lead-Acid Batteries.