Navarees Consultants " is a group of experienced Professionals in Lead Manufacturing Process  whether from Primary or from Secondary Raw Materials. Navarees Consultants can design and commission the Lead Plant as per requirement of the Customers. They also have the Experienced Engineers to train the Shop floor personnel of Existing or New facility to optimize the Production. The group is headed by  Mr. S.K.Prabhu  who has over 42 years of Experience in this field. At Navarees Consultants our Team of Experts helps you in your endeavor to grow and to achieve your GOAL. We make your journey easier. This claim is backed by a solid experience of over 42 years in this field of Lead Smelting and Lead Refining.Our Team will assist you to reach your optimum production and quality standards.

Mr. S.K.Prabhu would essentially be one of the Best and enterprising Consultants in Lead Acid Battery Recycling Plants  one would have come across.His vast experience in Lead Manufacturing, Man Management and Practical approach to any problems makes him an ideal Advisor to any kind of Projects as well as existing Units.




“Navarees Consultants” have a philosophy, a set of values, a way of looking at life which is truly our own.

  • We believe in our prime responsibility to provide quality service and consultancy as per customer’s requirement.
  • We ensure that our customers get the best value for their money. To achieve our aim, we will continuously develop and provide appropriate technologies to the  satisfaction of our Clients.
  •  We shall provide best services to our customers, suppliers and everyone we deal with. We make commitments and we shallkeep them. We shall sustain every action, a way to do things better and always better. And we shall be deeply proud of our achievements.       
  •   We value people. We trust and respect the individuality of the Personnel who work with us. It is our responsibility to create an environment that supports them to grow and flourish.
  •  Our people and people we deal are our pride. We shall do all this with great integrity and as individuals perform the best with continuous improvement at each level.
  •  Our commitment is to work with ethical business practices and constantly strive towards the end.
  • We are the team and shall always work as one. We shall be alert and alive to opportunities.
  • Growth is vital to us and we shall unceasingly seek out ways and means to constantly strive to move forward.
  • We respect our environment and the society to which we belong. Above all, we shall be consciously responsible and aware of environmental aspects. We have the method for selection of process and associate equipments, which can highlight the total concept of recycling and/or Processing of Lead.           




When it comes to Lead Industry, whether it is Smelting, Refining or Alloy Blending Mr. Prabhu has all the expertise and experience. read more...



  • Environment protection is a matter of concern to us at every level.
  • It is inconceivable that new installations would come on streams today that have not been equipped with suitab


Consultancy activities

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Project of Lead Recycling Plant in Gulf Region


Lead Ore Processing Plant(Indonesia)


Project of Lead Recycling Plant in India(South)


Project of Lead Recycling Plant in India(West)


Project of Ore/Concentrate Processing in India


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